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About the Library Media Center


The mission of the Post Road Library Media Center is to nurture students’ love of reading, inspire curiosity, educate the students how to become detectives in a world of print and media, and encourage each child to find their own unique way of contributing to the school community, as well as the greater city of White Plains.

Students are free to choose their own books.  Self book-selection allows readers to take risks, find joy in reading, explore their identities and feel empowered as they grow as readers.  This choice contributes to the Library being a space that allows children to feel safe, non-judged and curious about the world around them.


The Post Road School Library Media Center is open every day during school hours. Each class will come to the library on its assigned day for 40 minutes during the school's 6-day rotation.  Look for the Book Return Schedule tab on the left to find out when your child visits the Library.  Students are also welcome to come any morning, 8:30 - 8:55am (with permission from their teacher) to swap out their books.   

Fines and Lost Books

There will be time to borrow books during each library visit.  Students in grades Kindergarten - 2nd grade will select one book while students in grades 3rd - 5th have the option of checking out two books.  Students who have returned their books will be able to select new books.  Students who have not returned their books will not be able to check out new books.

Students are encouraged to bring their book(s) back the next time they have Library as a Special.  Please help your child to remember to bring the books back.  There are no fines for returning a book late, but students will not be able to take new books home until the book is returned.  If there was not enough time to finish a book, that is okay—your child can return the book when they are done;  just let me know to renew it. 

There is a book return schedule on this webpage.